From Commercial Paving to Full-Scale Construction Company

Luizzi Companies is a family-owned and operated entity headquartered in Albany, NY that encompasses three unique divisions of expertise that can be detailed as Construction, Development and Property Management. The natural progression of growth is due solely to the drive and initiative of the President, Peter Luizzi Jr. Under his direction, these companies have all experienced incredible successes. It is his vision that leads us and guides us towards the future.

Of the first entities under Luizzi Companies is the original, Peter Luizzi & Bros Contracting, Inc. The company that was started by the late Peter Luizzi & his wife Carole, is currently carried on by his son Peter Luizzi Jr. The scope of work has evolved over the years from residential and small commercial paving projects to the full spectrum that it is today. With a workforce of over one hundred employees in peak season, this is by far the largest of the entities in terms of employment.

In the late 1980’s Peter Luizzi Jr started purchasing parcels of real estate and then in the early 1990s began developing new properties. From these investments came a natural progression to the management of these properties. The management division has grown to include both residential rental units and commercial rental buildings in the Capital Region. With an experienced staff dedicated to its management and maintenance, it is a proud accomplishment of Luizzi Companies.

The newest and most interesting venture is a full-service construction company. Luizzi Construction Services, LLC is making a grand entrance with multiple projects that include both renovations and new construction. With the experience and support of the parent company, Luizzi Construction Services, LLC is slated for amazing results both locally and beyond.

The future is bright for Luizzi Companies! With rapid changes in the industry and economy Luizzi Companies will draw its stability from years of experience, steady growth patterns, diversity and of course its people. We welcome you to explore all that Luizzi Companies has to offer.