CONGRATULATIONS! One Oak Atelier is the first business to open in the newly constructed Retail Building at Starbuck Island. This amazing space, recently completed by Luizzi Construction Services was the setting of today’s ribbon cutting in Green Island. It was heart warming to see all the community officials, related construction parties and anxious new staff…
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Rivers Ledge News Article

I came across this great article of the Rivers Ledge Apartments. Residents are closely watching the Bike Path Trail closures and admiring the improvements. Check out the article below for more information on the project!

Lincoln Avenue Development Ground Breaking

What a great time we had planning for the groundbreaking at Lincoln Avenue Development which is going to be the location for our new headquarters. The Capital Region Chamber was a big reason our event was such a success and we value our membership! Take a look at the article below!

Zim Smith Trail Grand Opening

What an awesome turn out on a beautiful day for the Grand Opening of the Zim Smith Trail. From Public Officials, local law enforcement to residents and all of the construction, engineering and  planning  firms  involved, everyone was very excited to see this phase of the project completed and ready for use.  Thank you Jason…
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Luizzi Headquarters New Location

The Business Review recently stopped by the new Luizzi Headquarters site in Watervliet to see the beginning efforts. Work is underway to complete the 10,000 office building that will be the home to Peter Luizzi & Bros, Luizzi Construction Services and Luizzi Property Management. To read the article click the link!

Starbuck Island in the Business Review

If you haven’t seen the latest updates on Starbuck Island check out this article released by the Business Review!  

South Troy Industrial Road Publication

Exciting to scroll through the Times Union Newspaper and come across one of our current Peter Luizzi & Bros projects!

Hidden Treasure

Hidden at the base of the Starbuck Island luxury apartment community is a 100 person amphitheater.  When it’s fully complete it will be ready to host local artists and small concert series. Just one more reason to check out availability of units currently renting at For  more  information  on  other  construction  projects  check  out …
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What a Compliment!

Residents on Decamp Ave comfortably watched  from the shade of their porches today as the new sidewalks and curbs are placed. They said they are excited for the work going on and have appreciated the professionalism and skill of the crew. Some have been providing water and Popsicles as a way to help beat the…
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